"Discover the Power of Combat Jiu-Jitsu"
The Fundamental TRITAC-Jitsu: Fighting Techniques, Tactics & Concepts...
to Defend Yourself, Protect Others, and Dominate the Worst Street Encounters with Jiu-Jitsu
  • Fundamental Defense: Develop "instinticual defense" to deal with common street attacks: punches, grabs, kicks, chokes, etc.
  •  Smash & Enter: From you defense, learn how to smash & enter to distrupt your opponent to setup easy throws and takedowns.
  • Throws & Takedowns: Takedowns are now simple, easy and just "appear" when you Smash & Enter.  Jiu-Jitsu just became EASY.
  •  Control, Submit, ... Finish: TRITAC-Jitsu gives you the power to decide based upon the situation.  TRITAC-Jitsu follows common Use-of-Force concepts and it used by Police Officers and Military today.
The TRITAC-Jitsu Fundamentals Course is your first step to learning how to use TRITAC-Jitsu to "Fight". 
"The Flows make it so easy to learn.  They just 'make sense' and feel natural.  I never thought Jiu-Jitsu could be this easy."
Andrew Broner
TRITAC-Jitsu Student
TRITAC-Jitsu Lessons
In-Depth Flow Lessons
The flow lessons breakdown down each individual component on the flow.  Since this is Combat, not sport - we start with a defense against a punch, grab or preemptive response.  From  the attack we teach you how to Defend, Smash & Enter with Power, and take them to the ground.... and finish.  
TRITAC-Jitsu Video Library
Get Instant Access to Over 40 Training Videos
We leave no question unanswered... You'll receive an insane amount of videos to help you develop your skills and understand the concepts.  

It would be IMPOSSIBLE NOT to learn from this course.
Interact with this guy!  
Matt Bryers (Co-Founder)
TRITAC-Jitsu Community
Instructor Q&A | Private Community
Real learning requires support from instructors and fellow students.  What makes Soul Fighters different, is that we're here for you!  We want to make sure that you're learning and developing the right way.
Sorry, can't disclose the secrets in the bonus lessons lol - you'll just have to find out yourself!

A Note From Matt Bryers (Co-Founder)

Thanks for checking out the TRITAC-Jitsu Fundamentals Course! My name is Matt Bryers, I am the Co-Founder of Soul Fighters Academy and TRITAC-Jitsu. I'm also the "geek" behind the scenes doing all this computer stuff.
I just wanted to take an opportunity to introduce myself and to let you know how pleased I am that you're checking out "my baby" - TRITAC-Jitsu.
I have been training martial arts for over 25 years, most of those: Jiu-Jitsu. I have a little bit of an obsession with it :)
I have a black belt in Japanese Ju-Jitsu as well as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (under Formiga). My passion for Jiu-Jitsu has always been on the COMBATIVE side.
There's just something cool and powerful about awesome Jiu-Jitsu. It gives you the feeling of complete control... like your opponents life is balanced in your hand. It's amazing art... but an incredible weapon.
Jiu-Jitsu gives you the power of confidence too. Confidence where you feel like: "Yea... come on... try it... l KNOW you're going to fucked up if you come near me." (Excuse my language for those sensitive folk)
That's the power a man should have... or woman. Physically and mentally strong. No one can fuck with you... and if they do. Well... I feel bad for them.
Just so you guys know. I live and breathe this stuff. If you need help, have questions, or just want to get to know more about TRITAC-Martial Arts, Soul Fighters... whatever... send us a message!

Thanks again and I look forward to training with you!  Ossss.
Matt Bryers
TRITAC-Jitsu: Fundamental Flow Course
Develop the Power of TRITAC-Jitsu
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